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Your Own Private Tropical Paradise

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About Dolphin Island

Your Own Private Paradise

Dolphin Island is a 59 hectare (146 acre) private, titled, island project in Bocas Del Toro Caribbean region, located in a high traffic area, with low tidalmovements, exceptional wildlife, and an embedded existing 3.8 hectares of waterconcessions, in an area that is already a tourism focal point for the country of Panama, but lacking high quality accommodations.


Appraised value of the land in March 2022 is $12.2M, and currently carries no debt. All entities, permits, EIA studies, and concessions are intact from a prior, single owner, whoinvested $4.5M into it before having a health-related condition and sold the project.


Eligible Tax Credit for investors under Law 314, providing a 60% transferrable tax credit based on the total value of the project (excluding the value of the property), plus 5% of the value of the infrastructure for the plan such as costs for access roads, utilities, etc.

Dolphin Island is designated for the cultivation of medical marijuana, making it the exclusive location in Panama legally approved for such growth under Resolutions #1. Explore the unique opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking initiative on Dolphin Island, where the potential for legally growing marijuana is unparalleled.


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